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Recently, I asked a friend, “Why are you procrastinating about this opportunity?” He answered, “I’m not procrastinating. I’m being patient.”

There is a thin line between patience and procrastination.

On one side, you seize opportunities. Awesome. On the other side, you snooze on opportunities. Not awesome.

“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.” That’s from the Art of War. It means that when you snooze on one, you miss others you can’t even see. That’s why you must understand the difference between patience and procrastination.

Patience is taking a calculated risk. Procrastination is avoiding risk.

Patience is making time to learn what to do. Procrastination is knowing what to do and not doing it.

Patience is saying, “This will take awhile so, let’s get started now.” Procrastination is saying, “I’ll get to it sooner or later.”

Of course, later never comes.

Million-Dollar Question:
What opportunity do you need to seize right now?



1. What are some of the ways successful people get themselves to do their work even when they don’t feel like it? How can you (or how do you) use those things to help you beat procrastination?

2. Have you ever thought you were being patient, but you were really procrastinating? What happened as a result of that? What was the lesson you learned?

3. When has procrastination caused you a problem or cost you an opportunity? What will you do to keep that from happening again?

4. What is something that you never procrastinate about doing? Why is it so easy not to procrastinate when it comes to that? How can you use those same reasons to get other things done?

5. Is it ever okay to procrastinate? Why do you feel that way?


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