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[VIDEO] The Economic Cost Of A Dropout


Teaching and inspiring opportunity youth to improve their socioeconomic and educational outcomes is a noble cause as well as an investment in the economic well-being of our country.

According to Henry M. Levin (William Heard Kilpatrick Professor of Economics and Education, Teachers College, Columbia University) opportunity youth are young people that are not accumulating human capital in school or college nor accumulating labor market skills by working.

The short definition: opportunity youth are young dropouts who aren’t working.

The average lifetime social burden cost of a 16-yr-old dropout is approximately $750,000. There are 6.7 million dropouts between the ages of 16-24 which means that the aggregate social burden cost of dropouts is a whopping $4.75 billion.

Million-Dollar Question:[break]What are you committed to doing to inspire opportunity youth?


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