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Top 5 Questions

1. What are Duncan Nuggets®?

2. Who is this site for? (Get a free user license for schools/organizations.)

3. What is our mission and who is Al Duncan?

4. What are soft skills?

5. What is a competitive advantage?


Duncan Nuggets® are evidence-based success principles and action steps.

Focused on soft skills, they are designed to help you build a strong competitive advantage in the 21st Century.

Duncan Nuggets® have been used by over a million young people and professionals in dozens of schools, institutions, and youth serving organizations.

If you are part of a youth serving institution or organization, feel free to use them as part of your program.

Apply for your free user license here. Soft Skills and success topics covered on include 5 main soft skills clusters:

Communication Skills

Decision Making & Problem Solving Skills

Teamwork & Collaboration Skills

Self-Management & Professionalism Skills

Leadership, Influence, & Persuasion Skills

NOTE: At the end of nearly all of the videos and articles you will find either an activity, action steps, discussion questions, or a combination of all three.


Who is the site for?

Although our target markets are young people and professionals working with them, everything on is specifically designed to help anyone who wants to improve his or her soft skills.

Your organization can join dozens of others that use the free videos, articles, and activities on this site as part of their soft skills, character education, and college/career readiness training. If you represent a school, institution, or youth organization, apply to get your free user license here.

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Some of the people who are using are:

      • Teens and Young Adults
      • Career and Workforce Professionals
      • Educators
      • Program Directors/Managers
      • CounselorsYouth WorkersAdministrators
      • Social Workers
      • Mentors
      • Juvenile Justice Professionals



What are soft skills?

“If you are looking for a powerful set of tools that will help you gain a competitive advantage in the 21st Century, then mastering your soft skills is a great choice.

Duncan Nugget® #144:
Soft skills are personal abilities that improve your performance and facilitate effective interactions with other people. In most situations, having exceptional soft skills is a competitive advantage. 

Experts ranging from psychologists to business leaders; educational and spiritual leaders, agree that one or more of the soft skills have the greatest impact on your level of success…”

Click here to read the rest of this article: Q & A: What are soft skills and why all the fuss?

An introductory video series on soft skills


What is a competitive advantage?

Like many entrepreneurs and business professionals, I spent a lot of time studying the concept of competitive advantage. One day I realized that a lot of the same principles apply to people. I played around the business definition and came up with my own for individuals.

“A competitive advantage is the ability gained through your performance and resources to thrive in your personal and professional life.”

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A List Of Soft Skills

Click here for a list of soft skills definitions, and behavioral indicators.

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