Building Your Competitive Advantage
With Awesome Soft Skills Training

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[VIDEO] Duncan Nugget® #355: Think. Slowly.

Pop quiz.A bat and ball costs a dollar and ten cents together. If the bat costs one dollar more than the ball, how much does the ball cost?Got it? The ball costs ten cents, right? Wrong. ...


[VIDEO] Soft Skills: Building Your Competitive Advantage

This is part 3 of a 3-part power point video series. In this video I give you 4 main reasons that soft skills help you build a competitive advantage and several suggestions for improving your soft skills. Time: 11min. 24sec. Also in this series:Part 1...


[VIDEO] What Are The Most Important Soft Skills To Master?

This is part 2 of a 3-part power point video series. In this video I group soft skills into 5 Soft Skills Clusters and help you figure out which ones you should focus on so that training and development becomes a simpler process. Time: 8min. 55sec. Also in t...


[VIDEO] What Are Soft Skills? A Simple Definition

This is part 1 of a 3-part power point video series. In this video I give you a simple definition of soft skills—one that works well with teens and young adults. Time: 6min 18sec Up next (both will be available on Monday; links will not work until then.):...


[VIDEO] Duncan Nugget® #499: Resourceful As A Turkey

It's Thanksgiving and I'm running around asking people if they remember the "Five Fat Turkeys" song. Nobody remembers. They're just looking at me like I'm crazy. Lol.Do yo...


[VIDEO] Duncan Nugget® #346: Overcome Cognitive Bias

In 1945, psychologist Karl Duncker gave research subjects a candle, a book of matches, and a box of tacks. He asked them to stick the candle to a wall so that when lit, wax wouldn’t drip on the floor. What would your so...


[VIDEO] Duncan Nugget® #36: Individuals and Issues

Whether it's parents fussing at children, students complaining about teachers, co-workers arguing, or couples fighting, conflicts often end with a stack of hurt feelings and enraged people.If you really want to resolve the conflict, it's ...


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