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[VIDEO] Bullying Prevention Message: Build People Up


Duncan Nugget® #319:
When you build people up, you build yourself up.

SUMMARY: In honor of National Bullying Prevention Month (October), Al talks about why you can’t bully your way to success.

Million-Dollar Question:
Do you spend your time tearing people down 
 or building people up? 



The Young And Exceptional™: Adora Svitak


Adora Lily Svitak is an American child prodigy and internationally published author, known for her essays, stories, poems, blogs, and full-length books. In 2010 Adora spoke at the prestigious TED Conference and she is one of the organizers of TEDx Redmond.

Recently, I interviewed Adora and her answers (below) were insightful. And some were funny too!



The Spitting Image


(revised from the Al Duncan Archives 2006)

As I travel around the country speaking and mentoring there is a question that continuously comes up.

“What’s wrong with these young people today?”

Grrr… That question drives me bonkers!

The same thing that’s wrong with young people is the same thing that’s wrong with adults: detrimental values. Think about it.

Duncan Nugget® #189

Young people are a reflection of adult values.

You might be thinking:


Breakthrough Collaborative


This is an awesome program:

At 33 locations across the nation and abroad, Breakthrough Collaborative launches motivated middle-school students on the path to college and prepares older students for careers in education. The core of all Breakthrough programs is a proven students teaching students model.

1. Helps middle school students thrive in the top college preparatory high schools in their communities.

2. Creates teaching opportunities for outstanding high school and college students.

3. Prepares over 700 student teachers and 5,400 college-bound students annually.

4. Ranked as a Princeton Review Top 10 Internship.

5. In its 32-year history, Breakthrough has helped more than 20,000 students prepare for college.


Create a National Youth Council?


This is a great idea for helping to empower young people. It’s harder to help them if we don’t hear from them on all levels…including the White House. Action alert from SparkAction: Create a National Youth Council



Expect Problems and You’ll Probably Get Them


Recently, I read an article in Science Daily titled “Stereotypes Can Fuel Teen Misbehavior“. According to the article researchers interviewed a group of teens and their mothers about teen behavior. A year later, the researchers interviewed the group again. The teens whose mothers expected them to be rebellious reported higher levels of risk-taking behaviors than their peers.

I am not surprised by that at all.


A List Of Soft Skills

Click here for a list of soft skills definitions, and behavioral indicators.

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