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[VIDEO] Duncan Nugget® #77: When The Pot Is Hot


Any great cook or professional chef knows that it’s best to start cooking when the pot is hot.

That goes for ovens, pans, and grills, too. They should be the ideal temperature when you start cooking. This small, vital step is one of the secrets to cooking a great dish.

It works the same way with ideas or things you want to get done. The best time to build momentum is when you first think of an idea or start on a task.  The motivation is there. The excitement is there. The desire is there.

The pot is hot.

Take some immediate action steps that you can use to measure your progress. Wait too long and your pot gets cold.  The motivation is gone. The excitement is gone. The desire is gone. Not cool.

Million-Dollar Question:[break]Isn’t it time for you to start[break]cooking up some more success?




5 Steps For Dealing With Worry


NOTE: Be sure to answer the discussion questions at the end of this article.

After a seminar one day, I was talking to a young lady who spends too much time worrying. She was worried about getting off to a great start that semester. She was worried about getting into graduate school. She was worried about how she was going to do on her finals.


She hadn’t even been to a class yet!

She and I sat down for about 20 minutes and worked on getting the “worry weeds” out of her head. Here’s a snapshot of what we talked about.


[VIDEO] Duncan Nugget® #198: Outside Or Inside Your Head


“Mr. Duncan, this is crazy! My biochemistry book costs $120!”

“Didn’t you just spend $125 getting your hair done?”


“So, it’s cool to spend that kind of cash on the outside of your head, but not on the inside?”

“I never looked at it like that, but real talk, Mr. Duncan, I gotta get my hair done.”

—conversation between Al Duncan and a college student

What’s in your head (and heart) determines what’s in your life.

Nice hats, expensive sunglasses, earrings, haircuts, and hairdos cost you thousands of dollars. A book on personal or professional development might cost you $25 and could help you make thousands, maybe millions, of dollars.

There’s nothing wrong with taking care of the outside of your head, but take care of the inside too.

Million-Dollar Question:[break]Do you spend more time, money, and energy[break]on the outside or inside of your head?




[POSTER] Duncan Nugget® #14: Your Performance Today


Million-Dollar Question:
If your life was
remembered based on
how well you performed today,
would that be okay with you?





A List Of Soft Skills

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