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[VIDEO] Duncan Nugget® #346: Overcome Cognitive Bias


In 1945, psychologist Karl Duncker gave research subjects a candle, a book of matches, and a box of tacks. He asked them to stick the candle to a wall so that when lit, wax wouldn’t drip on the floor.

What would your solution be?

The simple solution is to remove the tacks from the box, stand the candle in the box, and then tack the box to the wall. See what I mean? Simple.

But most people didn’t get it because they had a type of cognitive bias about what the box was for—holding tacks. They didn’t see the box for all that it could be. Think about that.

The ability to overcome cognitive bias gives you a competitive advantage because you’ll expand your perception of yourself and others. You’ll find better ways to maximize your skills and resources.

Million-Dollar Question:
What are you doing to expand your perception and overcome cognitive bias?



[VIDEO] Duncan Nugget® #131: Personal Branding Starts on the Inside


It’s a crazy, competitive world. So, in order to succeed, people are always looking for a competitive advantage. Developing a strong personal brand is a part of that process. Unfortunately, many people think that personal branding is only about working on things like their resume, social media, online reputation, and appearance.

Think about that.

All of those things are external, but personal branding is also internal. It has lot to do with what’s going on inside of you. Only focusing on the external is like a baker only focusing on the icing.

What about the cake?

What about what’s inside?

What about your character?

Get your SELF together first and everything else will begin to fall in place because personal branding starts on the inside.

What’s in your life tends to be a projection of what’s in you.

Million-Dollar Question: 
What does your personal brand look like
on the inside?



[VIDEO] Duncan Nugget® #311: The Amazing Effects of Your Expectations


Which tastes better, Pepsi or Coke?

In a study done at Baylor College of Medicine, most people said they preferred Coke. But the researchers also monitored people’s brains while they tasted Coke and Pepsi.

When people knew what brand they were drinking, their brains lit up more for Coke than for Pepsi. But, the researchers changed things up. They told people they were drinking Coke even when they were drinking Pepsi and guess what? People’s brains lit up more for Pepsi.

Think about that. It wasn’t just the taste. It was an effect of their expectations.

That’s life.

If you are convinced ahead of time that something is going to be bad or good, many times it will be. Not because of the experience, it’s because of the amazing effects of your expectations.

Million-Dollar Question:
How are your expectations
influencing what happens in your life?



[POSTER] Duncan Nugget® #240: Purpose Called


Purpose called. But…
She was sent straight to voice mail.
She didn’t leave a message. 
But Purpose is persistent so…
she will call again.

Million-Dollar Question: 
Will YOU answer the call?



[VIDEO] Duncan Nugget® #56: Point Of Differentiation



After interviewing a dozen students for a job in the restaurant that I was managing, that was all I could do—yawn. They all gave similar answers:

“I’m a hard worker…

“I’m a fast learner…”


Many professionals, entrepreneurs, and students are pushing the same old stuff. Where’s the differentiation? Put some salt and pepper on it. Season it up.

For example, one guy asked me, “What’s the hardest thing to make on your menu.”

“Well…there’s this souffle…”

He interrupted, “If I go back there and make it, will you hire me?”


He did. I hired him.

Here’s another example:

When Vitamin Water first hit the market, they didn’t put it on the aisle with juice or soft drinks. It was on the aisle with water. It was the only colorful drink on the aisle. Brilliant. That’s differentiation.

Million-Dollar Question:
In today’s competitive market,
what’s your point of differentiation?




[ACTIVITY] Q & A: The Benefits Of Individuality


What are the benefits of being an individual, as opposed to someone who just wants to be like everyone else?  -Jennifer M., graduate student

NOTE: Be sure to check out the activity at the end of the article.

Asserting your individuality or promoting your personal brand will increase your sense of significance, as well as your perceived value in the marketplace, but asserting your individuality in the wrong way could be perceived as arrogance. Not good. There’s the short version of your answer. I could leave it at that but…that wouldn’t be much fun, would it?


[VIDEO+ACTIVITY] Duncan Nugget® #84: Genuine Open-Mindedness


Is it just me or have you ever noticed that once somebody thinks something negative about a person or a group of people s/he can find all the evidence in the world to prove it, but none to refute it?

And once somebody thinks you can’t do or be something, s/he can find all the evidence in the world to prove that it’s impossible, but none to prove that it is possible.


Because genuine open-mindedness is a rare thing.

It’s common, however, for people to completely ignore (sometimes unintentionally) anything that challenges their beliefs. Even if it’s factual, people have a hard time dealing with information that contradicts what they think. Most people only seek information that validates what they want to think and believe.

Genuine open-mindedness is a master ability. It’s one of the keys to collaboration and teamwork.

Million-Dollar Question:
How open-minded are you?




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