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[VIDEO] Duncan Nugget® #343: Your Ego vs. Your Bank Account


If you let it, your ego will kill your bank account.

Recently, I witnessed someone have a major idiotic episode. This young guy, fresh out of grad school, buys a new, fully loaded BMW trying to show off to some woman. I’m sure you can figure out the rest of this story.

Crazy car note. Jacked up credit.

Hiding from the repo man.

No girl.

People do it all the time. “Makin’ it rain, baby”, but they can’t afford to pay the water bill. They allow their bank accounts and credit to be ruined by the clothes, cars, jewelery, gadgets, big houses, etc. that they want to impress other people.

There’s nothing wrong with having nice stuff. I’m just saying…don’t let your ego lead you somewhere that your bank account can’t follow.

Million-Dollar Question:
When it comes to your ego vs. your bank account,
which one wins?




Duncan Nugget® #360: Your Own Business Equals Free Time?


Somebody just told me he wanted to start his own business so that he could have more free time. HA!!! Boy is he gonna be surprised. LOL. Time is never free and with any business, it takes a few years before you have some to spare.

You make a living from 9 to 5. You make a fortune from 5 to 9.

Think about that…or you might miss it.

Million-Dollar Question:
Do you really think owning your own business equals more free time?


Everybody Has A Vice, Right?


I just read an interesting article from MSN about frugal billionaires. I agree with what was written, but I was laughing to myself when I realized all of them, except for Slim, still own multi-million dollar private jets with fuel that cost thousands of dollars every time they take off.

I guess everybody has a vice, huh?


Duncan Nugget® #98: Mental Game. Money Game.


If your mental game isn’t right, your money game will never be right.

Think about that.

Money tends to help you become more of what you are and do more of what you are already doing.

The idiot becomes an idiot with money. Partying becomes more partying. Greedy becomes greedier.

The giver gives more. The smart investor invests more. The helpful person becomes more helpful.  Even when it seems like money has changed a person, most of the time it hasn’t. It has simply revealed who he or she really is.

So, while you’re working on improving your bank account, be sure to keep working on YOURSELF.

Million-Dollar Question: 
Are you working on your mental game 
as much as your money game?


Duncan Nugget® #33: Turn a Pile of Garbage Into A Of Pot Gold


At any given moment you are surrounded by dozens of money making possibilities. In fact, most people have at least one idea per day that could make them financially independent.

Where people saw a pile of garbage, some entrepreneur saw a pile of gold and created the billion-dollar waste management industry.

Million-Dollar Question:
What are you going to do about that 
brilliant idea running around in your head?


Maxed Out Your Credit Card?


My first semester in college (Carnegie Mellon University) I maxed out, not one, but two credit cards. 


It took me ten years to fix up that mess. (I didn’t have a job so I couldn’t pay the bill. Did I mention…idiot?)

According to research, 50% of all college students max out their credit cards. So, make sure you have limit that you can manage and only use your card for emergencies and necessities…

…not “nice-i-ties”.

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Identity Theft Tip 5


Did you know that 18-29-years-old is the group most at risk for identity theft? Every 12 seconds another person in this age group has their identity stolen.

HINT: Get some identity theft protection.


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