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7 Business Writing Tips For Students In The Workplace


Maybe you can help me out. I have been banging my head against my desk for about 10 minutes now trying to remember the name of a movie.

It’s the one where somebody leaves the wrong voicemail on a person’s answering machine and then has to break into the house to get the voicemail before the other person hears it.

Do you remember that movie? If you do please let me know what it is. Thanks.



6 Reasons Young Employees Need Better Written Communication Skills


“Well… what happened?”  

“I told him if he wanted a job, send me an email and he sent me a text disguised as an email.”  

“Nooo. Really? Man… that’s messed up. I think he’s doing pretty good in school.”  

“For me that’s even worse. He’s in college! I mean really, Al… does he even know what punctuation or a complete sentence is?!”  

—irritated business owner talking to Al Duncan about a potential employee

Duncan Nugget® #359:

When you communicate, you shape a person’s perception of who you are.


A List Of Soft Skills

Click here for a list of soft skills definitions, and behavioral indicators.

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