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[VIDEO] What Are Soft Skills? A Simple Definition


This is part 1 of a 3-part power point video series. In this video I give you a simple definition of soft skills—one that works well with teens and young adults. Time: 6min 18sec 

Up next (both will be available on Monday; links will not work until then.):

Part 2: What Are The Most Important Soft Skills To Master? (8:55)

Part 3: How Can You Use Soft Skills To Build Your Competitive Advantage?  (11:24)

A List of Soft Skills and Related Terms

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1. Based on what you learned watching the video, if you had to explain soft skills to an elementary school student, what would you say?

2. Write down a quote, proverb, or wise saying you’ve heard that is focused on a soft skill? Where did hear or read it? How do you know it’s a soft skill? Do you use it in your life? Why or why not?


A List Of Soft Skills

Click here for a list of soft skills definitions, and behavioral indicators.

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