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Q & A: Why Did Your Income, Employment Cease In Regards To Playing The Sax?


Q: Hello Mr. Duncan, I had the pleasure of listening to you speak today at The Hilton in Danvers, Ma. I was a parent supplying transport who was able to attend as a student was absent from our group.

One question I left with, and it may be too personal, but was why your income, employment ceased in regards to playing the sax. I understood the spending part, but why did you lose the job? If this is something you do not discuss I clearly understand and respect your privacy.

I hope lot’s of good comes from this gathering. The youth need to take charge, of themselves and in educating others. You really are motivational. —Heidi S., Massachusetts

Heidi, thank you for the kind words. The reason my income from playing the saxophone stopped is because in addition to wasting all of the money I was making on clothes, partying and other stupidness, I was also ruining my professional relationships in the music industry. (Ex. showing up late to rehearsals.) In my early 20’s I just wasn’t very responsible.

It got to a point where people who had been booking me for performances were reluctant to help out. Although I understand that it was all on me—I should have made better choices—I was too immature to have all of that money and prestige without any guidance.

It’s embarrassing, but I don’t mind sharing. As you learned at my seminar, I’m a completely different person and I always hope that talking about my past mistakes will help others to avoid doing the same. If you have any other questions feel free to let me know. Thanks again.


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