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Q & A: What Is Your Take On Professional Resume Writing Services?


Q: Hi Mr. Duncan, I wanted to know your take on professional resume writing services. Do you feel that it has a higher chance of impressing or do you think if one had the main key points, their resume would be just as good? I was curious and just wanted your advice on the subject. Thanks. —Z. Brandford

When it comes to resume writing services, I’ve heard great stories and horror stories. So, in a nutshell, a did-it-myself resume can be just as effective as one written by a professional IF you know what you are doing.

The two initial questions most employers have are:

1. Does this resume look professional and is it appealing to the eye? (Of course, this doesn’t matter if you had to copy and paste it in to an online application.)

2. Why should we bring you in for an interview? (Wow us. Please.)

If you know how to make your resume professional and appealing; if you know how to make your resume give a captivating snapshot of your story, then there’s no need to pay to have it done. Take that money and go get some books or audio programs on improving other aspects of your career.

WARNING: A lot of people think their resumes are up to par, but they are mistaken. Trust me. Just ask any employer how many jacked up resumes he or she sees. So, even if you think your resume is awesome, have it reviewed. Not just proofread, but reviewed for effectiveness.

Whether or not you are confident about writing your own resume you might want to read a book or two to get some ideas. A great book on resume writing is Knock ‘Em Dead Resumes by Martin Yate.

Once you have done your reading and explored your resources (think Career Centers, mentors, or someone in HR) if you are still having a hard time and you have the money then a professional resume writing service could be helpful to you.

Depending on what services you want (resume, cover letter, etc.), I’ve seen prices ranging from $100-$500 or more, which can seem expensive unless it helps you land a great paying job. Then you just got back a huge return on your investment. Think about that.

The challenging thing about professional resume writing services is making sure they are reputable and have a track record of success. So, do your research if you go this route. Also, keep in mind that even if you do get a professionally written resume, it still needs to be edited and adapted to each specific position you apply for.

Million-Dollar Question:
Do you know how to make an employer and
search-friendly resume that gives a captivating snapshot of your story?

If not, then you need to learn or pay somebody to do it.


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