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[VIDEO+ACTIVITY] Duncan Nugget® #60: Present Yourself In High Definition


High Definition (HD) videos and images are clearer, sharper, and more vivid than normal videos and images so, they’re worth a premium.

The same thing goes for high-definition people—exceptional individuals who have an accurate internal definition of who they are, what they bring to the table, where they are going, and how they plan to get there. This helps them to come across as clearer, sharper, and more vivid the than competition. They’re worth a premium because they present themselves in high definition.

If you are coming across fuzzy, start with your self-definition. Who are you? What’s most important to you in life? What do you want to do? Once you have clear answers to those questions, create a plan and learn how to articulate your plan. Then you’ll be able to come across in HD.

Million-Dollar Question:
Are you determined to take the necessary steps to present yourself in high-definition?



Many people set vague and unspecific goals. This can make goal achievement challenging because without specifics it’s nearly impossible to create the necessary plans and action steps for accomplishing your objectives. These activities will help people to develop vivid goals.

Activity 1: Short Story Time


Participants will turn their vague goals into vivid, short stories.



Story Time:

1. Have participants write down 1-3 goals they want to accomplish.

2. Instruct participants to turn their goals into a short story, movie, or play. (NOTE: Remember that “short” will be different depending on the age of the participants.) Tell them to be vivid and specific. Example: Not just “I want to go to college and then travel around the world.” Write a story about what you plan to do that will make it possible for you to travel. Also, write about the places you will go and the things you will do while you are traveling around the world.

3. (Optional) Have participants share their short stories with the entire group or a partner. Instruct the group or partners to ask questions about the details of the story.

Example: In your story, you said that you are going to visit Rome. Where is the first place you’ll go in Rome? Are you going to learn how to speak Italian before you go? If yes, when and where will you learn? (NOTE: If participants don’t have answers, be prepared to offer suggestions.)

4. Ask the participants to write down 3-5 action steps that they can take right now to help them make their stories a reality. (NOTE: Be prepared to offer suggestions or if time permits, you can ask the group for suggestions.)

Activity 2: The Next Level


There’s an old expression: “Most people don’t fail because they aim too high and miss. They fail because they aim too low and hit.” In this activity participants will challenge each other to be more specific and aim higher.



Game Time:

1. Instruct participants to write down one goal for each of the following categories (feel free to add or remove categories as necessary): Education Finances/Career Hobbies/Activities

2. Ask participants to pair up with someone. (If everyone doesn’t have a partner then groups of three are okay.)

3. Explain to partners that their job is to make their partner’s goals more specific and take them to the next level. Partners are to write down their “next level” revisions. NOTE: It is important that you only tell participants about this step AFTER they have written down their goals and partnered with someone. If you tell them about this step too soon then all of the goals they write will already be “next level”.

Use the following examples to show them what to do:

Education Goal: ” I want to go to college.” Next Level: : “I want to attend the University of Pennsylvania and major in psychology. I plan to graduate with a 3.8 GPA.”

Career Goal: “I am going to be a doctor.” Next Level: ” I want to be one of the world’s top neurosurgeons like Dr. Ben Carson.”

Hobbies/Activities: “I want to loose weight.” Next Level: “I am going to eat right and walk 3 miles everyday for the next 30 days so that I can loose 15 pounds.”

4. Ask the participants to write down 3-5 action steps that they can take right now to help them achieve their goals. (NOTE: Be prepared to offer suggestions or if time permits, you can ask the group for suggestions.)

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