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A Lesson On Perfection From Jeff Bezos, Founder Of Amazon


It’s common knowledge that when people obsess over “things not being perfect” it can cause them to become frozen with the fear of failure. Still, many people still struggle with it. So, what can be done about this?

Whenever I’m struggling with whether or not to implement a plan or idea because “it’s not perfect” I take a look at great leaders and entrepreneurs who launched services and products that weren’t perfect. The one who has been coming to mind as of late is Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.

Kindles are Amazon’s bestselling products. Recently, it was reported that at least 3 Kindle Fire 2 tablets are on the way. The new Kindle Fires will improve on the imperfections of the original. But here’s the thing, Amazon has sold millions of the original Kindle Fires—imperfections and all.

And there’s the lesson. It’s worth billions. It’s worth peace of mind and fulfillment.

Forget perfection and just get started. Give yourself permission to make mistakes AND improvements along the way. Keep in mind that some improvements can only be made after you get started.

Duncan Nugget® #227:
You don’t need to be perfect to be exceptional.

You can get an “A” on your test without being perfect. You can even win a gold medal in the Olympics without being perfect.

Great leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes, comedians, public speakers, and other successful professionals understand this all too well. No matter how good your product, service, routine or talk is, chances are, it ain’t perfect. It probably never will be.

This doesn’t mean that you should launch an idea that is crap just for the sake of getting started. But, if it’s a quality idea, service, or product that you know will get better in time, then by all means, get started. Make a few mistakes, a lot of improvements, and keep in mind:

Nobody really expects you to be perfect except for…you.

 Million-Dollar Question:
Is your obsession with perfection keeping you from getting started. 


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1. Who are some great people you admire who had to get started when things weren’t perfect?

2. What areas of your life are being negatively impacted by your desire “to make things perfect”?

3. What are some reasons that people are afraid of things not turning out perfectly?

4. If a good friend of yours was hesitant about doing something because he or she was afraid of failing or “not being perfect”, what advice would you give him or her? Why?

5. If you weren’t worried about things being perfect, what is one thing you would do? What can you do to get started on that right now?



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