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[POSTER] Duncan Nugget® #14: Your Performance Today


Million-Dollar Question:
If your life was
remembered based on
how well you performed today,
would that be okay with you?




1. What steps do you think a person needs to take to help him/her put in maximum effort everyday?

2. If you had a friend who was actually putting in maximum effort everyday, but things still weren’t turning out right, what advice would give him or her?

3. Do you think a person is born talented or does he/she develop his/her talents by constantly learning, doing, and improving? Why do you feel this way?

4. What do you want people to remember most about how you performed in life? Why is this important to you? What are you doing on a daily basis to make sure you are remembered this way?


Ask yourself these questions once or twice a week. (NOTE: If you are leading a group discussion give the group a few minutes to work on these and then ask someone if he/she would like to share his/her answers with the group as an example.)

1. What did I learn this week?

2. How did I or how will I use what I learned?

3. How will using what I learned help me to improve?

4. What do I need to learn next?

5. What will I do to learn it?

6. How will that help me to improve?


A List Of Soft Skills

Click here for a list of soft skills definitions, and behavioral indicators.

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