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[VIDEO] Duncan Nugget® #245: Single Point Of Focus


“Here’s a question for you… What did you do when you hit that point where you knew you were doing things to make a difference but, it just didn’t seem like it was enough? What kept you motivated and focused so that you weren’t thinning yourself out trying to be apart of to many causes?”

Two things:

1. Great leaders are seldom, if ever, satisfied. They are always tweaking things to become more efficient, effective, and productive. They are always striving to do better. They always feel as if there is more to be done. More progress to be made. So, if you feel like that…congratulations.


Duncan Nugget #245:[break]Focus is difficult to achieve because[break]it requires sacrifice.[break]It requires you to give something up[break]in order to accomplish more.

One day it finally dawned on me that most successful people and great leaders have a single point of focus—one main thing that they are obsessed with getting done. They may be busy doing other things and have other interests, but they are still honed in on that single point of focus. Ultimately, they refuse to allow anything to get in the way.

Million-Dollar Question:[break]What’s your single point of focus?


[I was asked this question via the National Society of Leadership and Success Facebook page.]


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