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[VIDEO] Duncan Nugget® #343: Your Ego vs. Your Bank Account


If you let it, your ego will kill your bank account.

Recently, I witnessed someone have a major idiotic episode. This young guy, fresh out of grad school, buys a new, fully loaded BMW trying to show off to some woman. I’m sure you can figure out the rest of this story.

Crazy car note. Jacked up credit.

Hiding from the repo man.

No girl.

People do it all the time. “Makin’ it rain, baby”, but they can’t afford to pay the water bill. They allow their bank accounts and credit to be ruined by the clothes, cars, jewelery, gadgets, big houses, etc. that they want to impress other people.

There’s nothing wrong with having nice stuff. I’m just saying…don’t let your ego lead you somewhere that your bank account can’t follow.

Million-Dollar Question:
When it comes to your ego vs. your bank account,
which one wins?




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