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The Anatomy of a Threat


Did you know that your body responds to an attack on your character, beliefs, or anything you perceive to be valuable, in the same manner it does to physical threats?

The same system (Flight or Fight Response) that takes over your body during a physical threat, wants to take over during an emotional or mental threat.

You were originally designed for survival, not diplomacy.

That’s why emotional mastery is challenging. When you feel disrespected, embarrassed, or anything along those lines Flight or Fight Response is ready to take over.

The good news is, just like warriors can train themselves to effectively deal with physical threats, you can train yourself to effectively deal with mental and emotional threats.


It starts with awareness and acknowledgment. It’s mastered with diligence and the self-discipline to work on your Emotional Intelligence as well as your other soft skills.
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A List Of Soft Skills

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