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Duncan Nugget® #156: They Never Listen


Don’t they get on your nerves? They never listen. You try to say things in a different way. You try to explain yourself clearly. You try to have patience, but none of that seems to work because they just don’t listen.

Who are “they”?

If you’re a parent, they are you kids.

If you’re teen, they are your parents.

If you’re a student, they are your teachers and professors.

If you’re an educator, they are your students.

If you’re the boss, they are your employees.

If you’re an employee, they are your managers, supervisors, and your boss.

If you’re a woman, they are men.

If you’re a man, they are women.

If you’re smart, they are idiots.

According to those nine statements, NOBODY listens. And it’s always “their” fault. Interesting.

Million-Dollar Question: 
Do YOU really listen or are you one of “them”?


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