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Duncan Nugget® #145: The New “Average”



How was the food? It was good.

How was the movie? It was good.

Can she sing? She’s good.

Nowadays, good is not good enough.

Have you noticed that when people are truly impressed and they really like something they use words other than “good”? They say things like “really good”, “soooo good”, great, incredible, hot, amazing, exceptional, “wow” and of course, awesome! Sometimes they make up words and phrases.

How was the movie? Oh my God! It was like totally awesome. 

Can she sing? She ain’t no joke. She got mad skills.

How was the food? It was Fi! (That’s how young people in Atlanta say that something is “fire”, which means “awesome”.)

In order to build a durable, competitive advantage you need to be more than good. You want to be exceptional.

Good is the new “average”.

Million-Dollar Question: 
What are you doing to be better than “good”?


1. Describe what you do on a consistent basis to improve your skills. Can you do more? Is there anything you need to add to that? What should you be doing?

2. Write down 1-3 action steps that you can take to improve on the things you described in the previous set of questions.

3. Do you think it’s more important to measure yourself against your own progress or should you measure success by how you compare to your competition? What makes you feel this way?

4. In your opinion, what are 3 things that keep people stuck on “average” instead of going from good to great? How do these things cause people to prematurely have a “it’s good enough” attitude.

5. When it comes to your goals and skills, how would you know if you are better than good? What would your criteria be? How does this answer compare to your answers to number three?


A List Of Soft Skills

Click here for a list of soft skills definitions, and behavioral indicators.

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